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Bhagavad-Gita . . . . . . . . . . . . . Extended

The Material World Means Politics, Jealousy, Diplomacy, Envy
Bg. 1.1 | London, July 7, 19731234

"Everyone has got a right to live under the protection of the gov't. Everyone. That is good gov't. Gov't should give security of life and property. That is gov't, not only for the human beings, but even for the ant. Not that I give protection to my brother and not for others."

Everything Can be Utilized for Krsna
Bg. 1.4 | London, July 10, 197312

Vaisnavism is Not Cowardism
Bg. 1.7 | London, July 11, 197312

"The devotees of Krsna should be trained-up both ways, not only to give protection to the devotees, to give them encouragement, but if need be they should be prepared to kill the demons. That is Vaisnavism. It is not cowardism."

The Vedic and Parampara System
Bg. 2.26-29 | Hyderabad, Nov. 30, 197212

"The king must come forward. The other side, the king also comes forward to fight. It was duty. And as soon as the king is killed by the other party, then the other party becomes victorious. There was no more fighting. It is NOT that the so-called king or president is sitting very comfortably and the poor soldiers are fighting unlimitedly and the war is going on for years."

Caitanya-Caritamrta . . . . . . . . . Extended

Vedic Knowledge Points to Lord Krsna
CC 2.20.14 | New York, Dec. 3, 19661

"To understand Krsna we have to understand what is this creation, how this creation is going on; what are the activities, what is spiritual knowledge, what is philosophy, what is renunciation, what is liberation… all these things we have to learn nicely. After learning these perfectly, then you can understand Krsna."

"If you want to know God, then you must first of all study His energies."

Conversations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Extended

Research Means Rascal
Atlanta, Feb. 28, 197512

No Culture - Just Money
Melbourne, May 19, 197512

"As soon as the monetary source will decline, this civilization will be finished. Because there is no culture. They are not standing on culture. They are standing on money."

Administrators and Advisors - Train Them
with Mayor of Evanston, Illinois
Chicago, 5, July 4, 19751234

Spreading Krishna's Instructions
Bombay, Aug. 14, 19761234

"The people are being trained-up to become mad and do anything - bring money… only for sense gratification. They have no other ambition. Bring money and satisfy senses. This is modern civilization. This is exactly explanation [Sanskrit]. Black money, white money, this money, that money. "Nevermind, bring money." Yes, this is modern civilization. Big man, rich man, means bring money somehow. This is big man. This is Kali-yuga. Because if you have got money you have respect. You have honor. You are recognized. So therefore they are after money. "Bring money," that's all."

"Why have I taken so much trouble? To come and preach. Because they are going to hell. Human society is going to hell… These rascal leaders, they are going to hell themselves and they're leading others. [Sanskrit]. These fools and rascals are leading and they're going to hell and they're taking the followers with them. This is going on."

Lectures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Extended

WHO - Varnasrama-dharma, Varnasankara
Geneva, June 6, 19741

"(Be) Self-sufficient… and the time saved is utilized for Krsna Consciousness. This is the remedy."

Media & Press . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Extended

If You Want a Good Society
Hyderabad, April 18, 1974123

Without Krsna it is All Zero
Dallas, July 28, 19751

Morning Walks . . . . . . . . . . . . . Extended

Implementation of varnasrama on this one…

Revise the Western Human Edition
Vrndavana, March 14, 1974123

"The whole western world is going for industry, for making money, eating, being merry, wine and women. All less than sudras and chandalas. This is the first time attempt is being made to make them human being."

"Actually, at the present moment there are sudras and less than sudras. They are not human being. The whole population of the world. It doesn't matter whether it be Western or Eastern. That is the position. So, unless they're trained-up… So the society is already in chaos. And it will go on still more in chaos. It will be hell. How people will live? And these rascals are being elected as gov't men. And they're only making budget how to tax."

"Here also as soon as you will find some ksatriya, a thief, a rogue - uh, unwanted element in society - kill him! That's all. Finished. Kill him! Finished. So others will see, "Oooh, the ruler is very strong." One killing will be lesson for many hundreds of thousands. No mercy. Kill him! That's all."

One Machine - Hundred Unemployed
Vrndavana, March 15, 19741

"Advancement of civilization means exploit others and you become happy. This is advancement of civilization. Others may die out of starvation. And one man takes all the money and spends it for wine and woman and motorcar. That's all."

All Philosophies are Mayavadi
Bombay, April 8, 19741

How Blind People Are!
Chicago, July 8, 1975123

"If you give good intelligence to the fools and rascals they will be angry. But still you have to do it… These rascals will be angry and sometimes do harm to you. And still you have to do it. That is preaching."

"With all these facilities, if you can not cross the nescience, then you are cutting your throat. The boat is there. The captain is there. The favorable wind is there. But we can not utilize it. That means I am killing myself."

"Preaching means to remove the defect and utilize the policy for going ahead."

"Is it because of our impurity that we can't convince them to stop cutting their throat?"

"No. It is due to their impurity they do not take. What you are saying that is pure. But the difficulty is if you instruct a rascal he becomes angry."

Dressed Animals - Educated Dogs
Bombay, Nov. 17, 19751

Nectar of Devotion . . . . . . . . . . . Extended

The Complete Science of Bhakti-Yoga Pt 2
Vrndavana, Oct. 21, 197212345

"Anyone who is giving service to Krsna, we should take care of them also."

"Unless one is a pure devotee, how can he be spiritual master? "

Srimad-Bhagavatam . . . . . . . . . Extended

Spiritualize Your Subtle Body
SB 1.2.8 New Vrindavan, Sept. 6, 19721

No Industrial Development
SB 1.2.10 | Vrndavana, Oct. 21, 19721

"There are so many vacant places in Africa, in America, in Australia, in New Zealand that 10 times the population of the whole world can be fed. Still. There is so much potency of producing food grains, milk and other things. Profusely. In America, they throw away so many grains and vegetables daily. It is simply mismanagement. Otherwise there is no question of scarcity or poverty. There is no question. It is simply propaganda. Because they can not manage."

'Democracy' vs. Divine Rule
SB 1.8.18 | Mayapur, Sept. 28, 19741

Modern Inventions Make Hell
SB 1.8.40 | Mayapur, Oct. 20, 19741234

"Human prosperity flourishes by natural gifts and not by gigantic industrial enterprises."

"The more we go increasing such troublesome industry to squeeze-out the vital energy of the human being, the more there will be unrest and dissatisfaction."

Kali-yuga - Disagree with Guru
SB 1.16.36 | Tokyo, Jan. 30, 19741234

"If you like to accept somebody as spiritual master, you should associate with him at least one year. See how things are going. If you follow, of course, others, that is also good. But personally, it is advised that you just remain with the proposed spiritual master for at least one year, so that the spiritual master is also given a chance to study you - whether you are accepted. This is the process."

"If the spiritual master does not know what is actually to be done, what is actually not to be done, and he acts against the rules and regulations of the sastra, then such a spiritual master may be given-up."


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